Safety Inspection Form

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P.P.E./Fall Prot Pass Fail N/A
Hard Hats
Work Boots
Work Pants/Shirt
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Harness & Lanyard
Face Shield
Hand Protection
Fire Extinguishers


Scaffolding Pass Fail N/A
Competent on Site
Proper Setup
Hand / Mid Rails
Toe Boards
Ladder Access
Locking Wheels
Planking / Platform
Rails / Outriggers
Tied to Structure
Proper Fall Prot
Safety Nets


Power Tools Pass Fail N/A
Cords / Ends
Proper Maintenance
Guards in Place


Cords / G.F.C.I. Pass Fail N/A
Condition / Ends
Proper Insulation
G.F.C.I./Proper Use


Aerial Equipment Pass Fail N/A
Trained Operators
Proper Operation
Prop. Fall Protection
Basket/Platform Load Limits


Employee Training Pass Fail N/A
OSHA 10/30
Hour Course
First Aid / C.P.R.
Fall Protection
Aerial Equipment
Powder Actuated
Laser/Eye Protection


Jobsite Postings Pass Fail N/A
Emergency Response Plan
OSHA 300 Form
OSHA 300-A Form
OSHA 301 Form
MSDS Sheets
Laser in Use Card

Actions Taken

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